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Author: Roger Evans
Modified: Feb 02, 2016 12:02 AM

Reader in Computer Science, School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, University of Brighton

Research team leader in the Natural Language Technology Group, and associate member of the Cultural Informatics Research Group.

C507, Cockcroft Building      
University of Brighton
Lewes Rd, Brighton
Phone: +44 1273 642907
Email: R.P.Evans at brighton.ac.uk
Twitter: @rogerevansbton

This page is in flux (check out this blog entry if you want to know why). Some big things (like DATR) are still missing. Sorry! Do get in touch if you want to know more about anything.

Blog highlights

The blog entries shown below will give you an idea of what I'm actually doing at the moment. Click on a blog entry title to see the entry on its own. Use the menus on the left to access individual topics, blogs, projects and other resources.

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